How To Chose Your Dream Vacation Destination

Don't know where to go?

Here are some of the considerations before you decide where to go.

Time of year? – Some areas of the world have long rainy seasons so traveling there during those times may not be fun.

How much time do you have to be away? – This is really important because you need to select a destination that is appropriate for the amount of time you could be away. If you’re flying to Hawaii from the East Coast I always recommend a minimum of 10 nights. Any less is not worth the 10 hour flight.

One city or a multiple destination trip? – Exploring most countries usually requires a multiple destination trip as it’s difficult to see much from any one city. It’s important to determine if your family is up for moving from place to place every three to four days or if staying in one place is more appealing.

Budget? – Lastly, budget is a huge consideration. Some destinations are simply more expensive than others. For example, in Europe a trip to Croatia would be much less expensive than a trip to Italy. Or a trip to the Caribbean from the East Coast will be less costly than Hawaii. Airfare alone can be a large component of your budget.

Matching yourself with the perfect destination is one of the most important steps in planning your next vacation.


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