Pebble Travel offers students an opportunity to create impactful experiences that broaden their perspectives, promote cross-cultural understanding and inspire change. It also makes learning enjoyable and helps the students to internalize the curriculum. We have a wide range of possible locations in Kenya, Africa and the world!

To encourage participation, we come up with special package prices tailored only for schools. The packages are always determined by the size of the group, the age, location, means of transport and the number days. We have developed a network of suppliers for hotels, hostels and transportation that enable us offer you the best deals for your school tours. We also ensure that we have an on-trip representative that stay with your group to handle any unplanned itinerary changes and logistical issues.

Learning is an adventure and we at Pebble Tours and Travel understand this. Let your teachers do the teaching, and let us handle all travel logistics for you.

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